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Conflict, Tension & Differences are Usually Caused by One Person Wanting the Other to Be Different.

Finding someone who is exactly, perfectly the way you want them to be in order to love, connect & share joy is one possibility!

Good Luck!

Another option is unconditional acceptance of the other the way they are. This is really the only option since, first of all, in most relationships you can't choose the other such as with co-workers, boss, family, parents, children, brothers, sisters, teens, in-laws, etc. & also because eventually, "after the choosing", you still have to be with the one you chose & the infatuation love wears off & now how do you keep the passion & joy of being together?

This is where the 4 skills come in - you will learn how to be with others & accept them the way they are, get what you want & make sure they get what they want. This is important because if either of you is not getting what you want, it will lead to discontent, dissatisfaction, loss of love & passion.

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