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Dramatic improvement through Relationship Counseling for your relationships for under $30!!!

Relationship Home Page, relationship counseling,, love relationship: We provide Training for Successful, Satisfying & Loving Workplace & Personal Relationships with the 4 Skills!!!

Our unconditional money back guarantee - If you learn the 4 Skills & don't agree they are the most powerful communications tools & best relationship counseling you have ever experienced for dramatically improving your interpersonal relationships we will gladly refund your money.

These 4 skills are necessary & sufficient for positive relationship outcomes.

All work & fun happens through relationships. When relationships suffer, work & fun suffers!!! When people's relationship ability is lacking their relationships suffer. Don't be stuck in a rut of repeated relationships that leave you unsatisfied & frustrated. Learn through our relationship counseling how you can change your relationships so that you have successful, satisfying & joyful interactions.

Initially, many people are not aware how they can change their interactions so that the outcomes will be better. Once you become aware of how you can get out of the pattern of unhappy, unsatisfying interactions & relationships by using our powerful 4 Skills relationship counseling you will be optimistic about having joyful, satisfying relationships.

Need For Training In Relationship Skills!!!

In our society we do not learn interpersonal & communications skills on how to interact with others & get along when there are differences without giving up of our self & to successfully influence others in order to get what we want. This results in assumptions, judgments, fear, anger, defensiveness, conflict, resentment & blame. With our relationship training you can break this pattern.

Dependence, Independence & Interdependence: When we make choices that include dependence we are placing our power in the hands of another, "I am not getting what I want & you are responsible!" This is a weak position & often includes blame, resentment or avoidance of responsibility.

When we make choices that are independent we are effectively saying, "Here's what I want & I'm going to get it & I don't care about what you want!" Disregarding the other!

When we make choices based on interdependence we are saying, "Here's what I want - What do you want? How do we both get what we want? When you get what you want - I get what I want." The result is synergy!

Learning Process of the 4 Skills for Relationships!!!

The real learning of the 4 skills is through experiential learning, not through lecture or reading material.

You will learn first about the 4 skills by the discussion material on the 4 skills, then by experiencing using one of the 4 skills yourself & improving your implementation